Latest Read: The Pakistani Bride by Bapsi Sidhwa

A fast paced story that follows a Kohistani boy into manhood as he gains and loses a family, witnesses the Partition and adopts a little girl. I particularly liked the way Sidhwa has described the change in the mindsets of the newly formed country.
I had been excited to read this but when I did, I realised that I was too late. This came out in the 1980s and I am certain that at that time it was much talked about. Since then, however, this genre of Desi English books has evolved quite a bit.  Some books are timeless and will always be great. This is not one of them. I feel a little sad writing about it this way because it IS a very good story, compellingly written and the problems and issues it brings up are the same now as they were when Sidhwa wrote about them. I am not not recommending it, but that is about all I can honestly say.

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