Latest Read: The End of India by Khushwant Singh

This gives me some answers to my question, 'Why the partition?'  
After I began to doubt all the Zia-era-education I received, (in which the partition is THE only thing taught in history AND Pakistan Studies AND takes the place of geography and civics),  I have often wondered why was there ever a partition. India is secular, albeit with problems, but nevertheless secularism seems to be the goal, and the government grants sufficient autonomy to the provinces.
This book gives a good perspective. To be clear, it is neither written about the partition nor the reasons leading up to it, but Singh mentions that the fundamentalist elements in the Congress at that time were barely held at bay by Nehru.

Well well!!

Mind boggling isn't it?

As far as a review of the book - It is written by one of the most respected and intellectual authors of the Sub-Continent. If you enjoy reading political books and are not afraid to be scared it is well worth a read.

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