Latest Read: Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan

Got to know of Reza Aslan through his Fox News interview. If you want to watch it, it is at:

Hilarious isn't it? I am not being sarcastic. I do not expect much from Fox News, but the way Reza Aslan keeps his calm reminds me of a Kindergarten teacher.

I bought the book and enjoyed it very much; learnt quite a bit. For example, I was very surprised to learn about Jesus’s brother’s teachings and that he had been opposed to Paul’s teachings.

When great prophets are written about in this way – when they are humanized rather than deified – they are more appealing. I wonder though, if a prophet came now, would I want to believe that he performs miracles or would I be content to know that he preaches sanity?

The more I read the more I find out that I must learn more. I think I knew the most after high school; since then it has just been a steady realization of my ignorance. 

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