How does the Hierarchy go?

This is a bit tongue-in-cheek but truthfully written :)

How does the family hierarchy go?
  1. The male patriarch is top dog. This can be the father, the grand father, the older uncle, the older brother. Whoever of these is handy. True that mothers, grandmothers etc. can also be important and make a lot of noise but their power is NOTHING if the male patriarch shows his disapproval/preference for something.
  2. After the male patriarch come other male members who have shown promise in asserting themselves: sons, sons-in-law, uncles etc.
  1. After this comes the male patriarch's mom, if alive. If not then his wife. You would think that she would rank higher than her own sons but you would be mistaken. She might SEEM to rank higher and it can be confusing at times but trust me on this.
  2. Then come the other female members of the household: daughters, aunts, daughters-in-law etc.
  3. Then the children.
  4. And finally the help.

Some people may take issue that I have placed the children so low in the hierarchy when we PRIDE ourselves in loving our children. We do make a big deal about loving our children but truly, a typical 'loving' interaction with a child goes something like this:

                Adult: I like your baby sister. Can I take her home?
                Child: No!
                Adult: I will take her home with me.
                Child: Noooo. Ammmmmmeeee,
                             Aunty will take Zarah with her.
                Adult and Amme laugh. Not particularly loving!

Or something like this:
               Adult: What a cute child. Give me a hug.
              Child does not want to give a hug.
              Adult completely ignores this
              and embraces the child in a scary bear hug. Child screams.
              Adult and the child's parents laugh.

Or this:
            Adult playing with infant and telling the infant's mom:
            I have a fever and was feeling miserable but I still came
            to see your child. (and give it whatever germs I have!)

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