Latest Read: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Well!  Well Well! Was certainly not expecting this.  

When Trevor Noah was introduced last year as host of the Daily Show I decided to trust Jon Stewart. I watched the first few episodes. Of course I saw potential but I also knew that it had taken Jon Stewart many years to come into his own.

Then the elections came and I devoured talk shows. Trevor Noah was much more comfortable by then. I loved that he spoke about Africa on his show often; that he owned his past with pride.

I got the book last week. It is a book of stories from his childhood arranged more or less chronologically; it is honest, down to earth and made me fall in love with his mother. 

It is also a familiar book in many respects for people coming from a third world country. As he describes the ghettos I see glimpses of my home country in that. When his stepfather is worried about what people will say and lets that completely destroy himself and his family, I find myself nodding in understanding. I have seen the Black Tax his mother warns him about.

Due to this book, I now understand about why a fishing rod is as necessary as lessons on fishing and have gained a better understanding of how blurry the line is between civilian and criminal when circumstances are hard.

I would recommend this book. 

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