A world in another in another

If someone could tell an ovum that one day it would stop being an egg and be joined with another and become something else, what would it think about it? And then it does happen and the egg thinks it is dying but it passes through that death like stage and is greater than just an egg.
Then, if someone told that baby in the womb that his placenta and his cord are not him, and one day he will leave his world and go into another, what would the baby make of it? He becomes bigger and as he does, he finds his world not as comfortable as it used to be. He cannot swim freely or do somersaults anymore. And then comes death and he discovers he can eat and breathe and there is a wondrous world around him. And it is because he passed through that death like stage that he is there.
And someone tells the now grown man that one day he will leave this world and go into another and that his body is not him. What would he think of that?
The old man is not comfortable in this world anymore. His body aches; he cannot run and jump as he used to be able to do. And he dies and leaves his body in this world.
Do you only die and go into the other world if you listen to the obscure fantastic voices telling you that this body is not you? Or do you die and go into the other world when you have developed all you could in this one? Does believing in the next world help in adjusting in that world? The egg becomes the baby becomes the baby in his mother’s arms becomes the grown man. Did the egg become the grown man because it believed it would? Did the eggs and babies that don’t make it did not because they didn’t believe?
This grown one is thinking about this. Still thinking.

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