Latest Read: The Bookseller of Kabul by Åsne Seierstad

 I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it. It may offend some people from my part of the world but I think it is written truthfully. It shows how complicated people are.
This is what I think about women’s rights in my part of the world: Generally women (or anyone for that matter, but I am talking about women for now) are not treated well. If someone can be trodden upon, they are. That is not true for everyone of course. I used to get very defensive when I first came to the US and people were surprised that I was a very well educated girl from Pakistan. However, I have changed my opinion about this. I feel that how a girl is treated in my part of the world is totally dependent on her family. If her family happens to be open-minded then she is treated well and her personal ambitions are taken into account. If they are not, well, too bad. She does not have any real legal recourse. If her husband is a good man, all is well. If he is not, even in good families she is told to bear it. The system is not with her in any meaningful way. And that I think is what people mean when they say that women are not treated well. They are not. I agree.

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Ms. Anvery, what are you reading these days. Please share your reading list if you don't mind. Couple of your past recommendations totally hit the spot for me. thanks!