Latest read: The Good Muslim by Tahmina Anam.

Tahmina writes about a woman and her family learning to live in post Pakistan Bangladesh. Good book. Made me think about why someone intelligent would move towards 'fundamentalist' Islam.  (I am using the popular meaning of the word and use it to refer to the beard bearing, strict segregation wanting, miswak wielding fellow we all have often met). The woman is angry at her brother for turning towards fundamentalism and feels betrayed. She is unhappy that the Bangladeshi people do not realize how hard fought their freedom was. She tries to rescue her nephew but that ends in tragedy. And of course, the atrocities done by the Pakistan army are a back drop to the novel. The book ends with hope though and I liked that and more importantly, it ends with the acceptance of what happened.

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Anonymous said...

Superb read. Just finished it.. Thanks for the recommendation.