Latest Read: The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmed.

I want to gauge my eyes out and punch the walls till I break my knuckles. I want to scream so that everyone can hear me. And then I want to curl up on a hard floor and weep. Bravo Mr. Ahmed, for writing so beautifully and honestly!
 It’s not that I didn’t know. Everyone knows. But where are the prideful traditions that I was told marked the strong people of FATA? I cannot take pride in any of this. Resilience maybe, but other than that, it is all about oppression and stubbornness and cruelty. There is no beauty here. Who bloody cares if this is what they have been doing for centuries – that argument became moot fourteen hundred years ago in Arabia.
A must read people. This one is a must read. It’s a beautiful beautiful book about things that are old and ugly.